Branson Edwards (born April 27, 1975), best known by the name Big Buji or

simply Buji, is an urban media producer, music executive, DJ and visual artist from

Eastern North Carolina. He acquired the name “Big Buji” because of his size and

his knowledge of the music industry. He has an interesting editing style in which he

uses sampling and extreme breaks to produce various genres in music. Yet, hip-hop

is his true passion and the closest to his heart. He has found a way to mix the old

with the new creating nostalgia for the retro soulful hip-hop of the early days. Buji

is an innovator in mass media contributing to the development of several Internet

ventures. He is knowledgeable in freelance video editing and graphic designs. Buji

has been featured several times in his local newspaper and magazine. He has also

been featured in XXL magazine. He is the founder and CEO of A-Camp Productions


Buji began his career rapping, djing and producing tracks for local artists and

companies, in Eastern Carolina, from Raleigh to the coastline. He knew what he

wanted to do and accomplish early in life. Buji was around music all his life. His

mother was an avid record collector who played music on a daily basis. At the

age of 12, he produced tracks with his mother’s 8track player, cassette player and

turntables. In 1992, he produced a High School Christmas remix of Silent Night.

The remix was received well and was aired on a local CBS affiliate television station.

From that point on, Buji began to perform. From 1992-1996, he performed as a

local rapper in the Greenville, NC area. Such areas included East Carolina University,

school talent showcases and various club venues. In 1996, Buji began his company

A-Camp. He began to host and DJ at birthday parties and events. Buji wanted to

promote, market and showcase local artists and talent. That same year he co-hosted

a local college radio show alongside DJ Kool K. He produced the instrumental tracks

for the show until 1999.

Although Buji had much success early in his career, he was soon faced with unjust

adversity. In 1997, Buji was robbed for all his equipment. This left his career at

a standstill. But, Buji was determined not to be side lined for long. In a matter of

months, he solved his own case and recovered his equipment. Later that year,

Buji became a studio rat at Music Box, Blue House and LB’s studios in Eastern


In 1999, Buji began to produce albums and mix tapes. The most popular includes

Spur of the Moment, which featured a young Savion Saddam, We Rule Eastern

Carolina and Come and See Me both featured various artists. The three albums

gained regional success. They were so successful that they caught the attention of

Huddy 6 of Harlem World. In 2001, Huddy 6 sent for Buji and several of the artists

featured on the albums to come to NYC perform and record. Buji has helped artists

to become featured on BET’s 106 and Park, Wild Out Wednesdays and Freestyle

Fridays. He also helped a hip-hop artist to become an alternate on MTV’s Making

The Band. Buji continued to record and produce all the while.

In 2005 he helped to organize “JamFest.” JamFest was a three-day concert that

promoted over 50 Indie artists. That same year, Buji helped to organize the

“Holla Back Concert Series.” The Holla Back Concert Series was a free concert

that promoted positive hip-hop in underprivileged areas. He was also the Audio

Producer for DOV-TV and helped to produce “Holla Back”, a gospel inspirational TV


In 2007, Buji became co-owner of 98.3FM The Light Radio Station. He helped to

launch BAN Audio/Video Studio. Various television shows were produced the

biggest and most entertaining was “All About You with AZ,” a community talk show

that was broadcasted on The ION Network. During this time Buji interviewed

Russell Simmons, Hill Harper and Michelle Obama during President Barack Obama’s

campaign trail.

Buji opened Pyramid Studios in 2010 and helped to open The Tune-Up Studio in

2012. He produced the alternative rock album Sugar Coated by Marcus Andrew.

The album was featured on WBLS of New York. It was distributed on i-TUNES,

Amazon and Spotify. The album Black Friday was first introduced at this time. Black

Friday is a hip-hop collaboration album of various local rap artists that premier

yearly on the day after Thanksgiving. Buji has upheld this tradition for four years.

Although Buji mastered his specific sound, he wanted to maintain that quality and

expand his craft. So in 2011 he became a student of Full Sail University. While at

Full Sail he was able to learn and understand the technical side of music and how

to properly produce music with a more professional sound. He perfected his talent

into the precise clear sound that we hear today.

Buji was awarded “Mr. 252” of his area. His peers and friends awarded him for

being the top music personality of the area.

Buji is a visionary and with the popularity of social media, he felt that he could take

local music to an entirely different level. He wanted to showcase local urban hip-hop

artists talent to the mainstream via a podcast. In 2013 he developed and began the

Direct Audio Radio Show with Big Buji as well as launching ENC96 Radio Station.

He has continued to record and produce music. Some of his greatest works include:

Black Friday, Boonelli World Mix-Tape, Mobsters 1, featuring Bug-z Seagle, (his

protégé and artist that is signed to A-Camp) White Heat 1, featuring C-Hustle (an

artist signed to A-Camp) along with various local artists and KINDaLOUD.

Buji opened ACAMP digital studio in early 2014. He continues to produce and

market local artist including Bug-z Seagle mix-tapes, Mobsters 2 and 3. He has also

launched ACAMP-tv. ACAMP-tv is a streaming broadcast that is geared towards the

urban African-American culture.

It takes originality, passion, and fearlessness to prosper in the music industry.

Buji has “IT” all to do just that, as shown by his many accomplishments and his

continuing longevity as a mass media entrepreneur. He is intelligent, charismatic

and he knows the ins and outs of functioning in the industry.

As to what the future holds for Branson Edwards aka Big Buji? He will take the A-
Camp regional presence to a national brand.

“Always be a leader so that you can see where you are going”

Featured on the Java Jam

Big Buji Client List

Ricco Barrino
Monika Underhill
Micah Herring
Shawn Cash
Nat Lotto
JL Bum
Marcus Andrew
Big Face
Big Ta
Pyrex People
Fly Boy Quan
Full Metal
Atlas aka Lightz Out
Born True
DL Glass
Young Sav
Joe Barrett
Cherry Smith
Black Hitla
Val Vitto
Petey Banks
Dj Echo
Baby U(UNO)
Big Luck
Bug-Z Seagle
Neeko Suava
Third Degree
Baby Cream
Chris White
Pete Rothstein
Mr. Grinder
Ice Medallion
Vikki LaRose Blog
Tef Kalumimoti
Breeze Bree aka Tony Sparkz
Renaldo aka Brass Knucks
Wizzy Fresh
Koda Jizzle
Tye Spenca
Parris XXX
Hammer Rock
Burn Mazon
General P
Young Menace
Ricardo Loud
Ion Phly
Savion Saddam
Mica Swain
Willie B
Ronnie Run
Chosen Vessels
AZ Hubbard
Shelia Ingram
Big Mike
Thomas Lynch
Houston Vines
David Bell
Jaime Bullock
Range Rap
Dirty Nickels
Hot Boy Stunna
Huddy Combs
Kuntry Boyz
Sekund Chanse
Ray Nice
Brandon Ladelle
Sheena Jackson
Shots the MC
C Hustle
Too Hood
Young Fresh
Hood Leagues
Byg Enoff
Humble N Soulful
Sir Roc
Butta Bunes
Money Dice
Brandon Bucks
Q-Money aka Quayzar (Lakesflow)
DJ Doc K
Dj Matt Money
DJ OJ aka CashFlo
Dj Echo
DJ Meecha
DJ Kente
DJ Slide
DJ Jay Blaze
DJ Koolout
DJ Kool K
DJ D-Train
DJ Jay Fate
Angel Eyez Promotions

Radio Stations

KISS 101.9FM
Soul 92.1FM
Power 95.5FM
The Light 98.3FM
Twin Radio


Blue House
Music Box
Audio Arts
Osceola Studios
Pyramid Studios
The Audio Shop
The Tune Up Shop
Major Studio
DOV Studio
The Point

Record Labels

G.M.E. Records
Full Metal Records
LiveWire Records
ABG Records
Hillcrest Ent.
Chill Ent
CPK Records
Lyric ENT.
Boonelli Boiz


Holla-Back TV Show
Christmas Remix of Silent Night
W.H. Media Services
Linwood Hicks Show
D.O.V. Networks
All About You With AZ
CBS Morning Show
First Time Films
NBC 5pm News
ION Network
DL Henry “A dog Named Butch” Live DVD
Love and Laughter Comedy Show


Minges Bottling(Pepsi)
Mack’s Wholehouse Furniture
Town of Winterville
City of Greenville
Jack and Jack Inc, North Carolina Chapter

Concerts and Events

ECU’s Rogue Rap Battle
Z ShowCase with WZMB 91.3Kirk Franklin
Le’Andria Johnson
Unashamed Tour
Holla – Back in Da Hood Tour
HollaBack to School Jam
Lessie Bass Day
I.G.C.C. Get Fit Day
Intergeneration Community Center Day
Holla BacK in the Park
Show’em Right Tour
1st and 2nd Annual Winterville Community Day
Tipsy Teapot
Wright Auditorium
Lenoir Community College
Children’s Home Society
Kingdom Embassy Presents Hazakim
Light House Raleigh, NC
New Bern Convention Center
Greenville Convention Center